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White Fang – book review

White Fang - by Jack London

Okay, so I have to be completely honest here.  Why did I read this book?  Because it was free when I installed Aldiko on my Galaxy S.  For lack of a better explanation, “it was there,” and I felt bad about it being there on my phone and not being read.  It’s a classic piece of literature, so I figured I owed it to history to read it.  I mean, it was there.  The good news is, I wasn’t disappointed in the least.  Spoiler alert – I do have a bit of a synopsis in here, because I like to remember what I read later on.

White Fang – written by Jack London and first published in 1906 – is the story of a dog who is part dog, part wolf, and his journey from birth in the wilds of the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush to a kind of domestication and eventually the hills outside of San Francisco.  It really is an exploration of mood, emotion and temperament, as White Fang adapts his own make-up to his life’s changing circumstances.  It’s at once bleak and triumphant, as Jack London very successfully explores the will to survive, and the lengths to which life will go to preserve itself, even when consumed by hate.  It’s interesting though, it’s not really hate as an emotion, it’s more hate as a reaction to the circumstances, where the image of “hate” is the logical response for life to preserve itself.

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Spring Has Sprung

Hey, what you want?

OK, back to business.

As opposed to my last post on the subject, it looks like spring might actually have sprung here in Calgary.  How do I know it?  Well, the locals seem to be into the swing of things for spring.  We found this little dude (or dudette?) while walking down the pathway to the park by our house.  He’s still looking pretty winter-white, but he had a brown stripe right down his back.

We had the camera with us, so I started stalking.  He was really interested in digging the hole he was in, so I managed to get within 10 feet or so equipped with a 100mm f/2.8 lens.