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Get out there!

I want to be an adventurer, or maybe I always have been one and just want to do more. How do I know it, how did I figure it out? I think right now I’m measuring it against my two most recent regrets, encountered on a trip to kauai:

  • I regret not jumping into this river (or off of this waterfall, depending on your perspective) and only filming my brother in law doing it. It didn’t even strike me at the time, and only later did I figure it out, and now I’ve missed the opportunity:

  • I regret not doing a drift dive following the two boat dives I did while on vacation. I felt guilty about signing up for another dive and leaving my family for a day, so I didn’t do it; but now i feel I’ve really missed something.

These may sound like strange regrets to some, but I find myself seriously bummed out by them. This is not to say that I didn’t have fun with my family on my vacation, because I did; I just think I came up a bit short of where I could have, personally. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a midlife crisis, because this is kind of a long standing problem, and I think it’s just a symptom of the fact that I want to be an adventurer. So I’m re-purposing my blog to talk about that.


Local resident gets a cleaning


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2011 Grand Cherokee – Rental Car Review

We just got back from Maui where we had the use of a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a couple of weeks. When I was shopping for rentals before we left, there were lots of options available… lots of Chevies and Fords and Dodges and Hyundais and all that, but the only Jeeps to be found were Wranglers.  I’m not kidding, I think about 50% of the global Wrangler production ends up in Hawaii. Also, as an interesting side-note, I have never seen more hopped-up monster truck 4x4s than I did on Maui:  they love that stuff.

Finally, at, I found the option to rent a Grand Cherokee. Given our past experiences with my dad’s 1993 Grand Cherokee back in the day, I was thrilled to get a chance to try the new generation. When we got to Enterprise ( brokered the deal locally to make it cheaper), they gave me the choice of two different vehicles.  A black Jeep Grand Cherokee, or a white Hyundai Santa Fe. Yeesh.  Given my friend Phil’s review of the latter (not promising), the choice was clear.  Here’s the badboy we ended up with:

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

First of all, it’s definitely a good looking car. Great lines, very muscular stance, Jeep does a good job on the look of their better vehicles (i.e., not the Liberty). I was initially a little disappointed that I could only get black because she’s gonna be hot, but let’s be honest: with those blacked out windows it looks pimped out. We ride in style, baby.

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Old Fernie Footage 1

I was talking to a friend about riding a couple of days ago, and then that night while I was doing some work on my home computer I kind of stumbled upon some old footage I took at Fernie in 2010.  I’m not that talented a downhill rider, but I love mountain biking and I had fun watching some of this!!  The footage takes up a lot of disk space for not ever being seen, so I decided to work some of it up to post so I could ditch the raw footage (there’s a lot of standing around before runs).

Here’s post #1, which I think is Bin Loggin’.  Phil and I are following a guide who we hung out with for a bit and who gave us some pointers on how not to suck so much.  Phil took those pointers to heart, but they didn’t really sink in for me.  I guess that means:  rematch!!  Stay tuned for more old footage from this trip.

Photography vs Security

Paranoia. It’s an interesting thing. I really enjoyed this exercise that a group of street photographers undertook in central London. It actually made me uncomfortable several times, and as a photographer I’m not sure how I would have handled the passive-aggressive nature of the security guards who were dealing with the photographers. I’ve never been approached while doing street photography in London or in any other city, and I carry just as much if not more gear than some of these guys do. The great thing to observe is how polite all of the police officers were: and that’s an experience I have definitely had in England.  When you travel, it certainly pays to always be on your best behavior, but also to know your surroundings.

Harvey’s – Walmart of fast food?

I flew to the US last week, and in the departures lounge for the US at the Calgary Airport, there’s a Harvey’s.  The pickings were slim for food, so I went for it.  I managed to avoid drinking pop there (on another note, I gave up pop a couple weeks ago… I had been drinking 3 a day).  As I was standing in line to order and looking at the price boards, something struck me as weird.  Check them out:

Harvey's Price Board part 1

Harvey's Price Board part 2

What’s with the prices?  I’m so used to seeing $2.99 for this or $1.49 for that… you know, easy to process numbers that make you think you’re paying less than you actually are (“$29.99?!  Sweet Jebus that’s not even $30!  What a deal!”).  Seriously, $2.63 for a salad, $6.31 for this, $9.53 for that… what is this, roll-back?  Maybe Harvey’s is the Wal-Mart of fast food.  Anyways, I thought it was funny.  I thought it was even funnier that the only board with a burnt out light bulb was the “vegetarian options.”  Maybe they figured the hippies among the vegetarians would appreciate the energy savings from not having a light-bulb behind their part of the menu.

Ipswich Calling…

Ipswich Harbor from the Salthouse

I mentioned a couple posts ago that I was on my way to the UK.  I was recently in Ipswich, England for business.  Here’re the sorts of things I saw!  Really, it’s quite a small place (relative to something like London, anyways).  I just went for a little walks near the harbor where I was staying.  It’s an old commercial port which is steadily being modernized/reclaimed as less commercial more people-friendly area.  Apartments, restaurants and a collage campus are all taking residence there.

I made two trips.  On the first trip, my last night there saw a regional darby between Ipswich Town FC and Norwich City FC.  Fierce rivals.  30,000 people showed up for this match that Norwich eventually won 5-1.  With the win, Norwich moved up into the Premier league.  I tried very very hard to get myself a ticket for it, but the ticket lady at the ticket office wouldn’t sell it to me because I’d never bought tickets from them before.  With no history, she couldn’t guarantee that I was a Norwich supporter or an Ipswich supporter, and she wouldn’t budge.  This match was in Norwich last year, and I guess they had… problems?  I was depressed walking away from the stadium as I heard the reaction to Norwich’s first goal.

On my second trip, I arrived on the final day for the Premiership.  I could have wandered over to get tickets for West Ham vs. Sunderland in London, but decided I was too damn tired after getting off the plane and still needing to get myself to Ipswich on the train.  On our way out, we drove from Ipswich to Heathrow.  The route took us right by Wembley stadium… the day before the UEFA Champions League final between Man U and Barcelona.  I almost got them to pull over and drop me off and switch my flight, right there.  Would have been awesome, Barca played a flawless match, but it would likely have been impossible to get tickets.

Anyways, now I’m rambling.  Here are a few select shots from the visit.