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Waterfalls should be on rocks, not hard-wood.

So, we have a 3 day old baby.  We’re getting used to life with the new family size.  We’re camping out at home and hanging out.  And what happens?  A pipe bursts in the ceiling above our fireplace overnight.  Fantastic!  So we spent the rest of the week and the long weekend with a house full of fans and dehumidifiers.  Noisy, nasty, blah.  The cabinets in our family room will have to be replaced.

Thankfully, none of our personal effects were damaged.  Water hit the cabinets and shelves on the right in the photos, below, and those shelves were mostly populated with DVDs.  Plastic covers save the day, I guess!  There were some photo albums higher up, but they did not get hit.  Water poured into the basement too (where we had another pipe burst last year), but no damage was done to personal effects there, either.  Really, we were very, very lucky.

If you have poly-v plumbing in your house, for goodness sake, get it out.  We are not messing around and it’s coming out.  Some pictures of the fun:

What we found in the morning. Note the torn ceiling and bubble next to it by the light, dripping water.

What the family room looked like after the leak was found and water turned off.

What the hole in our ceiling looks like right now.

This plumbing is to blame. If you have this grey poly-v plumbing with plastic fittings, get it out of your house.