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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean rules. Get this game.

As we were finishing our last Lego adventure (Lego Star Wars III), we were seriously holding high hopes about Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  Why?  Because Lego Star Wars III was so awful.  Bad levels, really annoying quests to get to 100%, and it just plain was not as much fun as the original Lego Star Wars (the Complete Saga).  As general fans of the Lego movie adaptation video games, we really wanted Lego Pirates to be good.  It was sitting there, unopened as we fought our way through that Star Wars fiasco, but we couldn’t just give it up, admit defeat and move on.  The reward, my friends, was triumphant.

While one of my main complaints about Lego Star Wars III was that the general mayhem smash-em-up bonus levels was something we really missed, and while Lego Pirates didn’t end up having much of that either, it was such a far superior game that we didn’t even notice.  Lego Pirates is all around just a blast to play, and yeah, I wouldn’t be writing this unless we’d gotten to 100% complete.  Not only that, but we got all the PS3 trophies that are built into the game, something we’ve not worked with before as our Lego game-play to this point has been on Wii.  We are now in the process of collecting the other Lego games for PS3, because they look a lot better and feel a lot better there!  So, fun replay value down the road.

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Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson

An absolute classic, Treasure Island (first published in 1883) is the original in the “pirates as heroes” genre.  A swashbuckling adventure from Bristol to the high seas, it follows the adventures of Jim Hawkins and a motley crew of sea-faring buccaneers on a quest for Captain Flint’s buried treasure.  I just finished reading it again, and it’s hilarious to read and compare it to modern adventure equivalents (I’m thinking the modern Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise).  The movies have stolen all of their characterization from this book!

The most famous pirate of all time found his introduction in Treasure Island.  Long John Silver is the perfect anti-hero… sometimes he’s against the grain, and sometimes he’s with it, but you like him regardless.  Johnny Depp studied the mannerisms of Keith Richards when bringing Captain Jack Sparrow to life, but that character is every bit Long John Silver.  Silver is not over-confident, he is just sure of what he’s doing, every moment he’s doing it.  Whether he’s on your side or someone else’s, Silver is always on his side.  Watching the pirate movies of 120 years later, Sparrow’s allegiance to himself is just as sure and steady as is Silver’s.

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