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The Hobbit, revisited

The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien

Well, Peter Jackson is at it again, and I love reading Tolkien’s books, so I made my way through The Hobbit again.  I’ll probably read it one more time before the first movie hits theaters this winter, but it’s so much fun to read it again now (or, well, December, when I actually did it… I’m a bit behind in my online writing).

The Hobbit is the tale of… well, a hobbit.  Bilbo Baggins of Hobbiton, in The Shire.  A respectable hobbit (meaning, he never does anything unpredictable or too adventurous) who prides himself on the considerable size of his belly, as any good hobbit would do.  The story begins with Bilbo living a rather comfortable and normal life in his desirable hobbit hole, Bag End.  His quiet existence is interrupted by the appearance of a wizard named Gandalf, who volunteers Bilbo’s house to be the muster point for the beginning of a grand adventure to reclaim the lost treasure of a band of dwarves.  Gandalf also conspires to have Bilbo join in on the enterprise, to which Bilbo responds by huffily defending his quiet, normal, predictable life.

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