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One thing at a time

Mine and the boy's skates, ready for a test drive at the local outdoor rink in perfect winter weather.

Mine and the boy’s skates, ready for a test drive at the local outdoor rink in perfect winter weather.

First, the good news.

Well, it doesn’t start well. I have plantar fasciitis and it hurts a lot. When I developed this, quite a few things I love got put on the sidelines because of the pain. Skiing, skating, and hiking all got pretty difficult, for example. I would have to take my ski boots off for ten minutes after one run – not enjoyable.

Skating is a lot of fun and I’ve always prided myself on being a pretty good skater. I could never score goals, but I was fast. With the deterioration of my feet, it became too painful. We’re talking severe pain within a couple of minutes of lacing up, sometimes before I even hit the ice. I was pretty sad about it, especially since before all of this foot nonsense I’d just gotten some new CCM 652 Tacks.

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Old-tyme Hockey

The Winning Goal

Alright.  I was in the UK last week, and on the flight over I did something I really wouldn’t have expected I would be doing.  I watched the final game of the 1987 Canada Cup between Canada and the USSR.  First of all, it was an amazing game because of the excellent historical rivalry on the international stage between the two countries.  Second of all, it was just awesome hockey.

I call it “old time hockey”, not like the Hanson Brothers keep telling Paul Newman about in Slapshot.  I call it old time hockey as in the way the game was played in the 80s.  I grew up watching this stuff, but still I was surprised at just how different it looked from the hockey I am so used to watching today.

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Teddy Bear Toss

Mom and I went to the 2010 Teddy Bear Toss put on by the Calgary Hitmen.  This is a video from our seats of what happened after “the goal” was scored.  The Hitmen aren’t winning many games this season, but they were not going to lose this one.  The video is from December 12, 2010, but I just wanted to make sure it  made it up here.