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Dead Smarties

RIP Crank Bros Smarties, 2008ish-2011

Well, that’s that.  The drivetrain on my commuter bike has been making some nasty sounds this week, ever since a very wet ride home last Wednesday.  I put it up on the stand last night to check it out, and though the drive-side crank was a tad loose, the bulk of the problem was that the pedals are toast.  Rest in peace, Crank Bros Smarty pedals.  The $20 I spent on you bought me roughly 3000km of commuting on several bikes and through several winters before you finally succumbed to your own cheapness.

I would buy them again in a heartbeat because they just work, and they were so so cheap.  Thankfully, I had a spare pair of eggbeaters that I could install.  They are definitely nicer, and the zero play in the pedal bodies versus the several millimeters of play on the outgoing Smarties is not anything to discount!