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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A lot of people would reserve that phrase for Christmas, but not me, no.  I reserve that for July.  Yes, I’m from Calgary, but it’s not for the Stampede (though I love that, too).  No, it’s for the Tour de France.  It’s the greatest race in the world, and I’m so excited it’s on again!

These guys absolutely beat the crap out of themselves for a chance at victory every single day.  Today is a 198km stage… just business, you know.  I was pretty proud of myself for going out for a 40km ride yesterday, and it took us a couple hours to turn it around.  Then I come home to watch the Tour stage (team time trial – so exciting!) – which I had recorded – and they rode 24km in around 25 minutes.  Just ridiculous.  They are so fast, and the finishes are so exciting, and I’m positively on pins and needles every time they’re rounding a corner near a finish line, because inevitably someone will mess it up and then it’s trouble for everyone.

I have no idea who I am cheering for this year, I just hope that the winner is not Alberto Contador.  I’ve never liked him as a rider, and that hasn’t changed this year!  I’m almost hoping today’s stage was much more pedestrian after the first two stages… the riders deserve a bit of a break.