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2011 Grand Cherokee – Rental Car Review

We just got back from Maui where we had the use of a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a couple of weeks. When I was shopping for rentals before we left, there were lots of options available… lots of Chevies and Fords and Dodges and Hyundais and all that, but the only Jeeps to be found were Wranglers.  I’m not kidding, I think about 50% of the global Wrangler production ends up in Hawaii. Also, as an interesting side-note, I have never seen more hopped-up monster truck 4x4s than I did on Maui:  they love that stuff.

Finally, at, I found the option to rent a Grand Cherokee. Given our past experiences with my dad’s 1993 Grand Cherokee back in the day, I was thrilled to get a chance to try the new generation. When we got to Enterprise ( brokered the deal locally to make it cheaper), they gave me the choice of two different vehicles.  A black Jeep Grand Cherokee, or a white Hyundai Santa Fe. Yeesh.  Given my friend Phil’s review of the latter (not promising), the choice was clear.  Here’s the badboy we ended up with:

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

First of all, it’s definitely a good looking car. Great lines, very muscular stance, Jeep does a good job on the look of their better vehicles (i.e., not the Liberty). I was initially a little disappointed that I could only get black because she’s gonna be hot, but let’s be honest: with those blacked out windows it looks pimped out. We ride in style, baby.

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I can stop again!

Brake parts - DBA rotors, Endless pads

So, I took my car in for a regularly scheduled service a couple months ago (48000 km).  They informed me that my front brakes were down to 10%, and the rears at 30%.  So, need to do brakes.  The quote on parts I got for just the front brakes was a whopping $1700.  Uhh, yeah, so too steep.  I mean, it is a performance car with performance parts and I am expecting to pay a bit of a premium, but that is just unacceptable.  As I am really working on learning more and self-improving, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to research an alternative and do the work myself (with help from a couple of friends).

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