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Yoga for Toddlers

Graham is very health conscious.¬† Here you can see him winding down from the busy day with his favorite wind-down exercise: yoga. Every time I see him pull a pose, I am jealous of his strength and flexibility. I guess that your strength to weight ratio at 30 pounds is a little better than decent. Hopefully he keeps up with his regime, so he won’t be quite as creaky as me when he reaches my age. ūüôā


More of his amazing skill after the break.

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Baby Making Noises

I have to say, you don’t really understand until you’re a parent just how much fun it is to watch a baby grow up. ¬†Graham is big now, and we can talk, and he can tell us what he wants (or¬†doesn’t¬†want), but it wasn’t that long ago that he was doing exactly what Sabrina is doing in the videos below. ¬†They only have a year and a half between them! ¬†Heck, it wasn’t that long ago that Sabrina wasn’t even capable of making eye contact! ¬†How quickly things change and children grow. ¬†Now Sabrina loves to grab things, and she’ll shift her body to the optimal reach position to get at something she wants, which makes her hard to carry sometimes. ¬†She’s super-tiny (25th percentile or something like that), but that doesn’t mean she’s lacking in strength! ¬†She also smiles whenever mom or I walk into her field of view, genuinely happy to see us. ¬†It’s so much fun to watch. ¬†I’ll stop gushing now.

First, here’s how you make a bib really wet, really quickly:

Second, here’s just how funny a bouncing ball really can be:

We have an absolutely excellent video of her talking as well, I’ll try to get that online tonight.

Baby Laughing Fight

Our two kids are separated by 20 months, but thanks to the advent of modern technology,¬†we can match them up at the same age. ¬†Battle #1 is a battle of the baby laugh. ¬†Who wins? ¬†Who loses? ¬†Well, I’m not sure who loses, but we all win because the laughing is pretty funny. ¬†I guess maybe I lose, because my video-making skills are somewhat lackluster. ¬†Anyways, enjoy; here’s what our two kids sounded like at 3.5-4 months old.

A small conversation

I had a little chat with my little girl when I got home from work, yesterday. ¬†You don’t often get the chance one on one with her to just have a little talk; usually her brother’s in the background demanding to see what’s happening on the camera or running around playing with something loudly. ¬†It turns out she’s got a lot to say about the world: ¬†she’s got opinions and stuff. ¬†Just listen to her shut down all my ideas and advice!

It’s good to have help.


It was a pretty nice day out yesterday, so I took the opportunity to clean up some bike drive trains while the weather is still good.¬† While I was doing this, I enlisted the help of my roommate as a mechanic. He’s an expert, and he helps me to keep the rides in top-notch condition.

The family in fall

We had an absolutely perfect Saturday to go down to North Glenmore Park and take some family photos. ¬†I gotta say, if you get a perfect fall day in Calgary, it’s pretty tough to beat. ¬†It was high 20s (Celsius for those who would think me nuts!), and not a cloud in the sky. ¬†All the leaves in the place were yellow, with half of them on the still green grass, and half of them still on the trees. ¬†Talk about an¬†idyllic setting for photos, and a great environment for Graham to run and romp and generally wear himself out. ¬†We took the “Umbrella” video on the same outing, but the pictures were slower to come than the video out of my phone. ¬†Anyways, as you can clearly see, I love my family! ¬†You can find the full photo set from this day here.

Our family in September, 2011

Running... always running.

Turns out we really picked the day right, too; the next day the winds picked up and all the leaves are likely off the trees now.


Baby Sabrina In Motion!

It takes me a while to get to this stuff sometimes, but here it is, check it out! ¬†A video from the first moments of Sabrina’s life. ¬†She’s 1 month old now, and is doing really well. ¬†When she’s awake, she’s very alert and usually wants food. ¬†Sounds healthy to me!

It’s a Girl!

Big brother approves!

Yes yes yes, I’ve resolved to write more and read more and all that this year, but sometimes things come up where you have to put your goals aside for a bit. ¬†We had a baby girl on July 25! ¬†Her name is Sabrina, and she’s absolutely wonderful. ¬†She was 7lbs 4oz, and 21 inches long – almost the same size as Graham when he was born! ¬†Graham absolutely loves his little sister, and is constantly checking on her to make sure she’s okay. ¬†It was only an hour of labor (but darn hard work!) and we were home the next day. ¬†You can check here for a full set of pictures we took around the birth. ¬†More to come on Flickr soon, I’m sure!

So far, she is a pretty easy-going baby. ¬†She snoozes for long stretches, and never really cries. ¬†She goes for long stretches without eating in those cases, and will wake up hungry and do a few feedings in a short amount of time. ¬†She had a bit of jaundice when she was born, but that has mostly cleared up… exposing just how blonde her hair actually is! ¬†She was definitely pre-disposed to having blonde hair and blue eyes, and she has confirmed the latter by looking around with those blue eyes very alertly whenever she is awake! ¬†She is very strong, already lifting her head up to move it around when she is not feeling lazy. ¬†We love our little girl!

Baby girl!