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Bike Stable

This will be maintained as an up to date list of the bikes (and any related gear!) that is currently in our stable.  Full information and pictures to come soon, I’ll fill out the details in the next few days.

2012 Specialized Tarmac Expert (American Flyer Edition)

2011 Specialized Tarmac Expert

Roadie for a modern era!  Minus the integrated bb, but I’m not gonna split hairs.

I went out looking for a full carbon road bike to replace my aging aluminum bike (see the archive, below).  I wanted better ride comfort and a bit more gears on the top end.  I test rode a Trek Madone 5.2 a few times and liked it.  I thought I would stick with Trek because the 2200 was the only bike I liked when I was originally roadie shopping.  However!  Bow Cycle had their Blue Light special sale, and this Tarmac was one of the bikes on the docket.  They didn’t sell all of the ones they had, so I took one for a ride.  Boy, am I glad I did.  I was worried about the double-chainset as opposed to my old triple or a modern compact setup, but with ten speeds on the back, it is still pretty comfortable climbing.  It’s the descending I couldn’t believe, though.  This thing is so solid it’s like driving a brick downhill.  And fast!  It has taller high-speed gearing, which means I still haven’t felt like I’ve run out.  I posted my initial impressions on the blog proper, check it out.

2009 Yeti 575

2009 Yeti 575 Carbon

This is my all-mountain machine.  It’s an XT-level, 6-inch travel beast.  But it’s a beast with a soft-side, that Carbon rear end gives it away as a pretty light machine for what it’s designed to do.  The Talas fork means I have plenty of flexibility depending on if I want to climb or descend, and the RP-23 shock helps to make sure that 6 inches of rear travel doesn’t suck up my energy above the bumps it’s designed to suck up.  Honestly, it’s the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden.  My maiden voyage on the thing just had me laughing, plain and simple.

Changes I’d like to make, wheels and fork:  I’d like a 15mm Talas 150 fork up front, and Easton Haven wheels to go along with it… the Mavic XC717 rims I’m running are a bit thin for the 2.35 inch Nevegals I’m running.

2009 Norco Charger

2009 Norco Charger

2009 Norco Charger

I got the Charger for a great price to use as a commuter bike.  As you can see, it’s well outfitted for commuter duty.  I had some 26″ Nokian studded tires for winter riding, so I really wanted a 26″ bike to use as a commuter.  I’d been using my Boulder, and it’s really just plain and simple not designed for commuting.  The Norco has been great, but I’ve since decided I don’t need to run the studs in the winter (my route is generally pretty clear, so knobbies are just fine), I may go to a 700c bike eventually.

Still, this SLX/Deore-level hard-tail is great, and is really much better suited to this than the Boulder was.  As you can see, I’ve got it fully outfitted with racks and fenders (an absolute must), and I’ve converted to 1.25 inch slicks, which makes it roll really easily.  It’s performed well in the heat of the summer, and the cold of the winter.

1994 Boulder Defiant

1994 Boulder Defiant

This is my old-skool museum mean machine.  I got this thing after I graduated from high school in 1994.  I rode the hell out of the thing, and slowly replaced parts on it as I went.  It’s a hodge-podge of XT and XTR parts, with some sweet Kooka Kranks for good retro measure.  I recently got a new shock for the rear, changing it from a coil-sprung deal to an air-sprung deal (yeah, I found someone who still built them!).  After a short stint as a commuter bike (which it was not well suited for), it has been returned to its glory as a full-on cross country machine.  A very old school cross country machine!

2010 Chariot Cougar 1

Chariot Cougar 1

Chariot Cougar 1

Hey, this started out as a Calgary company, and they make the best child trailers in the biz, so I got us hooked up with this Chariot trailer on Boxing Day, 2010.  We took it out of the box in the front room, and baby took right to it.  He liked it so much, he started trying to sell it to us and extolling all of its many virtues and wonderful features.  He eventually moved in, putting his blocks in there and climbing in to sit there and play.  I’ve taken him for a couple of rides in it.  Not only is it lightweight, but he absolutely loves the ride!  These things are great, and they keep their value really well, so we’ll be able to sell it very easily when we’re done with it to some other proud parents.

Check out the boy’s sales job on this:

Sometimes, it does this to him:

After a long hard ride, Graham likes to sleep.


Bikes that I’ve had, but sold.

2002 Trek 2200

2002 Trek 2200

2002 Trek 2200

My road machine.  I got it and didn’t expect it would be as much fun as it has been.  I can’t believe the rush of the speed these things can get to.  I’ve had it over 80kph and it’s just as stable as a rock.  It’s an Ultegra/105 mix of parts on a Trek Aluminum frame, with a composite fork for a bit of vibration dampening.  It has required so much less maintenance than my mountain bikes over the year because it’s got a pretty simple duty.

The big problem is that I made the mistake of going to a Cervelo demo day last year, and I took some very nice carbon bikes for some test rides.  Now, I want to get a carbon bike (even though there is nothing wrong with this bike!), just for the comfort and rocket-like feel I experienced on the crazy Cervelos.  We’ll see, maybe I’ll make a move.

2001 Santa Cruz Superlight

2001 Santa Cruz Superlight

I was away from cycling for a while, and this was the bike that got me back into it.  I bought it used from a friend in 2007, and I was astounded when I got it built up just how much fun it was.  It really inspired me to get the Yeti and take it to the most modern bike I could (at the time).  After I did that, I couldn’t let the Superlight sit, so I rebuilt it with LX/XT-level parts, and it’s still a damn fast cross-country bike.

The only change I’d like to make to this bike is to get a 100mm fork on the front, to replace the 80mm fork that’s up there right now.


3 responses to “Bike Stable

  1. Annie Tat July 8, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Omg. He’s going to be talking about bike stuff just as much as his dad!

  2. auntie colleen September 29, 2011 at 4:46 am

    as long as he doesn’t get a leather jacket and tatoos

    Great daddy Michael

  3. Jean November 29, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    And I assume you have a car too? 🙂

    I have 3 bikes in Vancouver where I still go back. But only 1 in Calgary.

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