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Politics starts and ends here.

First, I don’t normally get into the political comment game.  I keep it in the back of my head that it might be interesting to run for office some day, and I am mindful of what I post on the internet as a result.  I do a mental litmus test for how people will judge me for what I say when I post it.  I assume I’m a reasonable person, so I assume my litmus test is useful.  Hopefully my political commentary doesn’t anger anyone too terribly, and this type of writing will hopefully end here – there are much more fun things to write about than what feels like junior high school peer drama.

Why did I write this?  I was on my RSS feed and found this article on CBC.  It really made me angry.  So here’s my commentary, a message to the over-entitled whining-because-I-got-nothing-better-to-do sore loser right of the USA:

First, you didn’t lose. Your country is far too black and white when it comes to this distinction – it’s one or the other, you’ve won or you’ve lost, and there is no in between. It’s why you pour so much money into international competitions to strut about and chant “USA” when you win and you’re the best, but if you lose then someone obviously cheated. You could put that money towards fixing your own internal problems, but that would be socialism, so it’s better to keep puffing your chest to the world.

If you think you “lost,” then your natural, built-in cerebral response is that there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s over. Another news flash: that’s not what happens in your country. Because your guy didn’t win does not mean you lost, it just means there’s a different guy in charge and he has a four year deadline. You can still do work to make the situation of the USA better in the meantime, because here’s a newsflash for you: the guy that “won” is only after the same thing. The more you focus on what your neighbours are doing wrong, the less time you spend getting better as a nation, because again, your neighbours want the same darn thing, too. Everyone in the world wants food on the table and clean water, and you take that for granted. You want the government to provide all of that for you, and yet you want them to butt out of your lives and give it to you all for free. It just doesn’t work that way.

In a country that takes it upon itself to push its values of democracy and freedom into countries ruled by “unacceptable” regimes (fascist, socialist, name your poison of the moment), the fact that you are unwilling to accept your own consensus and work with the mass choice that your own population made and suggest to depart from your own perfect model of democracy because you don’t like the result is just plain demoralizing. You obviously miss the point of an election. You want to fix your economy? Find a way to sell things to the world, that’s what China and Korea (and etc…) did, and you bought it, and killed your own strength in industry by accepting. All your generational industrial revolution wealth is leaving your country and you’re letting it happen.

Freedom does not mean “I will leave if I don’t get my way,” freedom means the population had the voice to choose and you get to live with the current winner. It’s not like other countries, either: you get to choose every four years, and if the same guy wins twice he never gets a third shot. The last president of Egypt was in power from 1981 to 2011. That’s thirty years. Talk about stagnant and unchanging.  Freedom is not an a dismissal from order or an excuse for anarchy, the federal government is not holding you under its thumb. You’ll argue that it is doing so with taxes, but watch how much poorer your life gets when those get removed. If you think your society is so messed up that you have to leave your country, you will find that much of the world will not stand for your behaviour or sense of entitlement; you will be even more marginalized abroad than you feel you are at home.

In the end, come on, it’s four years. A lot can happen in four years. If you believe it’s not the president’s business to dictate terms, but measure the government by its ability to create jobs in a private sector that you don’t want government to have any control of, then you are stark-raving mad. Make it for your darn self and show the world you can do it. Work together instead of yelling at each other. Don’t say “you’re wrong” just because it’s the “other guy.” As an outsider, it’s downright laughable to watch.


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