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This time, I really did it.

Okay, you know I was excited about how well I was doing health and fitness-wise a while ago.  Check this out, though, I’ve made it to the goal I originally set (that was 165lbs).  I don’t know what to do now!  I’m maintaining, even through all this Christmas eating and whatever else, but I don’t know what to do next!  I’m thinking about looking at racing bikes next year, we’ll see how that goes.  For now, the data speaks for itself.  While the graph doesn’t show it, I reached a peak weight of 182lbs, and as of yesterday I weighed 164.7 lbs.  That’s almost 20 lbs gone since this summer.  I look at photos of myself and actually wonder who that guy was, because I can see the difference.  I feel the difference, too, which is great.  The goal was to be in better shape to make riding more fun, and the weight has gone with it.  I was never in it to be skinnier, and I’m not obsessed with weight loss.  I just feel freaking awesome now and am addicted to feeling great.  Check it out:

It takes less energy to get up the stairs, now.

I’m now running more, too.  I hate it, I loathe it, but I’m sadistically looking forward to doing it when I do.  I can bang out 6.5 to 7.5km (that’s definitely my body’s current distance limit, structurally).  I have been running to work, and aim to keep doing this at least once a week all winter.  I’m trying to keep under 14km/week in running so far, to not injure myself.  I’ll slowly, slowly, up this as I go.  Just a note, this is something I couldn’t have done a year ago.  I got custom orthotics for my shoes midway through this weight landslide, and it’s made a massive difference in my ability to walk and run.  My feet no longer feel like they’re going to fall off!  As you can see, nothing will stop me:

-22 degrees C cannot stop me, even if I become Frosty the snowman.

Unfortunately, I’m not doing any running this week.  As is my custom, I went on vacation and promptly got sick.  Stress keeps my body in business, and when I dump a load of it, my body gives in to any virus it’s been storing for me.  Not nice, eh?  🙂


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  1. Erik Einsiedel January 9, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    This is a *great* post!! I especially love it because I’m just at the start of this same journey of yours, so it’s very inspiring to hear such a great success story from someone I actually know! 🙂 Well done, Bike. ~Erik

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