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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean rules. Get this game.

As we were finishing our last Lego adventure (Lego Star Wars III), we were seriously holding high hopes about Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  Why?  Because Lego Star Wars III was so awful.  Bad levels, really annoying quests to get to 100%, and it just plain was not as much fun as the original Lego Star Wars (the Complete Saga).  As general fans of the Lego movie adaptation video games, we really wanted Lego Pirates to be good.  It was sitting there, unopened as we fought our way through that Star Wars fiasco, but we couldn’t just give it up, admit defeat and move on.  The reward, my friends, was triumphant.

While one of my main complaints about Lego Star Wars III was that the general mayhem smash-em-up bonus levels was something we really missed, and while Lego Pirates didn’t end up having much of that either, it was such a far superior game that we didn’t even notice.  Lego Pirates is all around just a blast to play, and yeah, I wouldn’t be writing this unless we’d gotten to 100% complete.  Not only that, but we got all the PS3 trophies that are built into the game, something we’ve not worked with before as our Lego game-play to this point has been on Wii.  We are now in the process of collecting the other Lego games for PS3, because they look a lot better and feel a lot better there!  So, fun replay value down the road.

I digress.  Lego Pirates follows the four movies that many fans will be familiar with.  True to Lego game form, you work your way steadily through each of the movies in story mode.  The movies re-imagined as Lego mock-ups is priceless humor, especially since the pirate movies are pretty funny in the first place.  Each story level can also be replayed later in free-play mode to explore things further, find hidden rooms and levels, and collect extra bits that help you work towards that coveted 100% completion and open up bonus features in the hub.  The extra stuff in free-play mode is pretty good: you have to find ships in bottles to create mini-kits for each level, and you also have to have Captain Jack Sparrow use his compass on each level to find a series of buried treasures.  This part was an especially brilliant stroke, and really makes this Lego game unique.

The characters themselves are also awesome.  From Jack Sparrow, to Elizabeth and Will (yech, sick bad acting romance), to Gibbs, to Barbosa and his ghostly crew, Davey Jones and Blackbeard, each Lego representation re-creates the unique personalities of their film-based characters.  There are lots of powers to be had too.  From Jack’s treasure finding, to throwing, bombers, gunners, super-strong characters, characters who can walk on the ocean floor, sing terribly to break glass, swim in water or walk on land, or just have the general aura of a badass… there are a lot of ways to solve the puzzles in the game.

The puzzles are also awesome.  The level design is impeccable, and they are all fun to replay, even if you’ve already found everything there is to get!  The extras you can find throughout the game also make things better, and help you feel a bit godly as you smite your foes with character invincibility and win endless money with score bonuses that add up to score times 7546 or something ridiculous like that.  Add in the rousing pirate soundtrack, and you have an instant win in our books.  Yarrr!  Adena and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, and I can’t think of one spot where we worked it over and over again because we were so stuck, unlike that crappy Star Wars game.  It was all very doable, without being a cakewalk:  it was definitely challenging!  If you liked the movies, you’ll love the game… it’s a lot of fun.  Now, we are replaying Lego Indiana Jones 2 while we wait for Lego Harry Potter 2 to come out next month.  This stuff is wicked.

When we finish fixing our damn house, I vote we have a monthly Lego budget.


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