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The family in fall

We had an absolutely perfect Saturday to go down to North Glenmore Park and take some family photos.  I gotta say, if you get a perfect fall day in Calgary, it’s pretty tough to beat.  It was high 20s (Celsius for those who would think me nuts!), and not a cloud in the sky.  All the leaves in the place were yellow, with half of them on the still green grass, and half of them still on the trees.  Talk about an idyllic setting for photos, and a great environment for Graham to run and romp and generally wear himself out.  We took the “Umbrella” video on the same outing, but the pictures were slower to come than the video out of my phone.  Anyways, as you can clearly see, I love my family!  You can find the full photo set from this day here.

Our family in September, 2011

Running... always running.

Turns out we really picked the day right, too; the next day the winds picked up and all the leaves are likely off the trees now.


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