and now, for something completely different.

I did it.

Wow.  After I got home from my ride today, I decided to check out my weight.  I did it, well, almost.  I’m close.

I originally thought that the Withings scale I got from my company was the stupidest thing I’d ever seen.  I mean, who the heck wants a wi-fi bathroom scale?  Turns out it’s one of the most motivating things in the world.  It’s not because the scale uploads all your weight data for the world to see (I don’t publicize it), it’s that the graph is right there in your face.  I’ve got it on my phone, and I’m addicted to loading it up, and seeing the downward trend on that weight line.  It’s just awesome.

Back to today.  I started at around 180lbs, which was an all-time high for me.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve been not doing any exercise besides commuting by bicycle (which I love to do).  I experimented with a brief stint of removing pop completely from my diet (I was off it for a month), but have since started drinking it now and again and am still losing weight.  Today, the scale read 169.5 lbs… that is the first time I have been in the 160s in like 2 years.  I’m pretty jazzed really, and I feel the difference!  Well, to be honest, I had a pretty sluggish ride home, and I was expecting to find I’d gained like 4 lbs or something.  169.5 though, it’s awesome.

My goal is 165, and it is decidedly in reach.  Maybe I will set a new goal when I get there, but I am not addicted to weight loss.  I will only lose weight to the point that it’s healthy and helps me to have more fun at the activities I love to do (such as cycling, duh!).  Here’s the plot since I turned the scale on:

My weight from June to September - a little upslope is in there for "had a kid, didn't sleep much."

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