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Harvey’s – Walmart of fast food?

I flew to the US last week, and in the departures lounge for the US at the Calgary Airport, there’s a Harvey’s.  The pickings were slim for food, so I went for it.  I managed to avoid drinking pop there (on another note, I gave up pop a couple weeks ago… I had been drinking 3 a day).  As I was standing in line to order and looking at the price boards, something struck me as weird.  Check them out:

Harvey's Price Board part 1

Harvey's Price Board part 2

What’s with the prices?  I’m so used to seeing $2.99 for this or $1.49 for that… you know, easy to process numbers that make you think you’re paying less than you actually are (“$29.99?!  Sweet Jebus that’s not even $30!  What a deal!”).  Seriously, $2.63 for a salad, $6.31 for this, $9.53 for that… what is this, roll-back?  Maybe Harvey’s is the Wal-Mart of fast food.  Anyways, I thought it was funny.  I thought it was even funnier that the only board with a burnt out light bulb was the “vegetarian options.”  Maybe they figured the hippies among the vegetarians would appreciate the energy savings from not having a light-bulb behind their part of the menu.


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