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Brake parts - DBA rotors, Endless pads

So, I took my car in for a regularly scheduled service a couple months ago (48000 km).  They informed me that my front brakes were down to 10%, and the rears at 30%.  So, need to do brakes.  The quote on parts I got for just the front brakes was a whopping $1700.  Uhh, yeah, so too steep.  I mean, it is a performance car with performance parts and I am expecting to pay a bit of a premium, but that is just unacceptable.  As I am really working on learning more and self-improving, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to research an alternative and do the work myself (with help from a couple of friends).

So, I ended up with DBA 4000 rotors, and Endless brake pads.  I also needed new summer tires, and ended up with Falken ZE-912 performance all seasons (which I love, so far).  Grand total for all the parts:  about $1700 (including mounting and balancing). Hmm, all of that for the same price as just the OEM fronts… Good work, Subaru!  I got all the parts at a local shop (who just moved down to Calgary from Red Deer) called Vex Performance… highly recommended!

Old crap - check out the lips around the edges!

I ended up with the wrong rear rotors to start, but that was really the only hitch in the whole operation.  Oh wait, we also sheared one of the caliper bolts off when trying to reattach it to the car, too.  It had not even reached the recommended torque, so it was just plain fatigued when we took it off.

New Hotness - the rear setup re-installed. Wiper slots!

It went a little slower because we did not know exactly what we were doing, but next time it will go much quicker.  In fact, we did my brother in laws car a few days later, and barring an unforeseen mechanical problem (which we have worked around, temporarily), it got done really fast.

Thanks to Migo, Phil and Chase for their help.

It is hard to find good help, these days.


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