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Lego Star Wars III

Lego Star Wars III

Well geez, it’s been an aeon since I last posted anything.  Things have been busy, and I’ll put a bunch of that up here.

One of the things we’ve been busy with is video games.  Read me, we were busy, darn it.  We’ve been playing Lego Star Wars III through on the Wii.  We’re kind of addicted to these Lego games, they really are a lot of fun.

We were really excited (and surprised, to be honest) that another Lego Star Wars game was coming out.  Excited is obvious, but we were a little surprised because the last Lego game covered all six Movies (if you count the prequels as movies).  The plot of this game came from the Clone Wars animated show.  Maybe it’s because we didn’t watch any of the Clone Wars, or maybe it’s because the game itself was a little weird, but we didn’t enjoy this game as much as Lego Star Wars:  The Complete Saga.  That’s not to say we didn’t like the game – it definitely had its moments – but there seemed to be a lot more tedium involved in completing this one to 100% (anything less in a Lego game would be unacceptable) that made it a little less enjoyable.

The main story levels themselves were pretty awesome.  We had the usual amount of fun running through them to completion, and then trying to find all the extra goodies in each level.  It was a bit difficult, as I say, maybe because we hadn’t seen any of the series, so we didn’t really know necessarily what to do with any given mission.  We figured it out though, and had a lot of fun with it.  We did notice, however, that there seemed to be less “goodies” in each level than there might normally be.

In Lego games, the main mission levels are always accessed from some main hub, and this one was no exception.  The main hub was split between a republic (the “good guys”) ship and a separatist (the “bad guys”) ship.  It all worked pretty well, but we found it at times a bit difficult to navigate and long to get from one place to another.  We got a little lost in the Lego Harry Potter game as well, but it also seemed a lot more interesting to walk around Hogwarts (I use Harry Potter as a comparison because it was the last Lego game we played).  Star Wars III also seemed to not have as many fun and interesting things to do in each part of the hub, there was less to find.  That maybe made it seem like a bit more of a chore to get around in.  Like, in Harry Potter, it always seemed as you walked through that there was something new available or happening.  The hub was just not as interesting as it usually is.

The “gold bricks” reward was back, offering up a number of gold bricks for completing tasks and collecting items within the game.  The feature is good, and is a lot of motivation to help you get to 100% completion, but it was a bit tedious because of some of the things you had to do to earn gold bricks in Clone Wars.

A new “ground battle” feature was added to the Clone Wars.  Think of it kind of like “Starcraft Lite” for Star Wars.  You could complete a ground battle on each planet in the game as either the republic or as the separatists.  Finishing each one yielded you a gold brick.  While at first this feature was kind of fun and interesting, by the end of the game we never wanted to play another battle.  There was just plain too much of it.  The final two characters we got to reach 100% completion required you to win all ground battles once as the republic, and then again as the separatists.  It went on forever.  There are like 20 of these things, and it’s the same thing over and over again.  Definitely not a good feature… or at the very least it was an extremely over-utilized feature in the game.

Another gold-brick-earning side game was space missions around each planet.  This also got old fairly quickly, especially since some were unnecessarily hard.  They were also extremely short.  Put these two things together, and they quickly became more of a side-chore than game.  Sensing a theme, here?

They also added bounty hunter missions as a side-diversion (and for more gold bricks!).  Also not very interesting, as each one lasted a maximum of 3 minutes, and really didn’t have much to them.  Just one more thing to do.

It sounds like I’m ragging on the game, and I am… a little bit!  We still had fun with it or we wouldn’t have played it to 100%.  Hopefully they learn from the mistakes of this one to not overdo side-game features.  We’re used to having fun bonus levels (of which there were none in this game to unlock) and lots of things hidden in mission levels to encourage replay (again, nothing to speak of, here).  The most sorely missing extra fun?  Blowing up a Lego town just for the fun of it… completely absent!  It’s a fun game, but it just felt a bit incomplete and rushed maybe.

We were also rushed to get through it, because we had Lego Pirates of the Caribbean on deck and waiting for us.  We’re gonna do that one on PS3 instead of Wii, I wanted better graphics… we’ll see if it’s better!  I’m theorizing that they worked harder on Pirates and rushed a Star Wars game, we’ll see if I’m right.


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