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Spring Cleanup

Vacuuming the Lawn

“Hey there Fred, you seen what those weirdos on the end of the block are doing?”

“No way, Harold; I try to avoid looking at whatever’s going on in their yard.  I think it’s better for my mental health that I try not to figure them out.”

“Well Fred, you should take a look a this, because he’s vacuuming the darn lawn.  I thought I pert’near saw’n everything, but this one is just over the top.”

Yes, that’s right.  I vacuumed the lawn.  Okay, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  We had renos completed recently (3 bathrooms, yikes!), and as part of the renos we had some tile done.  A whole pile of dust ended up on the garden and on the lawn.  We didn’t know how we were going to clean up the mess, it really was awful looking.  I thought the whole thing was as bad as being solidified piles of grout and thinset!  Thankfully, when I checked it out, it ended up just being a dry dusty mess and… hang on, SHOP VAC!  Perfect tool for the job, I’m telling you.  Mess was cleaned up perfectly, and I got to make the neighbors wonder!  That’s just a bonus, in my books.

The ear protection just adds to the effect, don’t you think?


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