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Yay, spring is here!

Spring is in the air

Ahhh, spring.  What a beautiful feeling to escape from winter and come out on the other side.  The flowers are just emerging from the ground, the sun has re-emerged from its six month trip to the southern hemisphere, new life is blooming everywhere.  That, and two feet of snow.  That’s right, spring is here and it’s time for winter to continue, because we are in Alberta.  Mom and I were going to go skiing today, but decided there was too much snow to do it.

We had a good day otherwise, though.  We headed into downtown Canmore and got a pizza at the Flatbread Company, then wandered around some of the shops.  We ended up at a wine tasting near the end of the afternoon, and walked out with six bottles of wine.  So really, just as successful as skiing.

What a winter, though.  Sunshine has had over 45cm of snow in the last 3 days and still has over a 2m base.  There was snow on our lawn in Calgary still last week.  There’s still ice on the road, and now a couple feet of snow again!  It’s also supposed to continue snowing all this week.  This is all seems to be a really good argument for moving to Fiji.


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